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  • Online staff leave planner and small business HR software.

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The staff leave planner that takes away your admin

Managing HR tasks in small businesses and teams can be time consuming. Onetouchteam’s staff leave planner reduces your admin by managing your team’s holidays online, monitoring sickness, centralising your employee information and files and keeping track of key dates and tasks. It reminds you when holidays and other events are coming up and even alerts you when sickness is becoming a problem. It’s so easy to use and there’s no set up needed, just add your team members in a couple of clicks and you’re up and running.

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Staff Leave Planner
Small Business HR Software

Small business HR software that keeps you legally compliant

Onetouchteam is the only HR software for small businesses that actually gives you HR help. We know that small businesses and teams often don’t have access to HR advice, so we’ve included practical, step-by-step guides on how to handle everyday HR tasks and issues, as well as template HR letters, employment contracts, forms and policies that you can use straight away. So you can stay on the right side of the law without the expense of employment lawyers.

How much is it?

Onetouchteam is completely free for the first 30 days and you get access to all the features, including the staff leave planner, straight away. After that, it costs just £15* per month. And unlike most HR software, it’s the same price no matter how many employees or users you have, plus there is no fixed contract period.  Just a simple monthly fee for as long as you use it. Registered charities receive a 20% discount.

* price excludes VAT

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Free Staff Leave Planner

What our customers say

Join hundreds of small organisations across the UK who are already using OneTouchTeam to track their staff leave and manage their HR tasks. Here’s what some of our customers say about us.

“We use OneTouchTeam’s small business HR software right through the employee lifecycle, from on-boarding staff, through to tracking holidays and logging employment details. It is simple to use and the price point also means it is great value.”
Kim Connor Streich, Traffic Jam Media Ltd


“What I love about OneTouchTeam is that I always know when my team are on holiday, something I couldn’t do before when we were using spreadsheets to track staff leave. Plus it also helps us to stay on top of employment law. I’d definitely recommend it to other small businesses”
Malcolm Lyons, MM Employee Benefits


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“As a small business we needed a simple and efficient tool to help us with our HR needs. We were lucky enough to find OneTouchTeam. This app has made an enormous difference in the day to day running of our business and has saved our staff a lot of time already.”
Victoria Johnson, Director, VetCT


“OneTouchTeam is elegantly simple to use, deep enough to get the detail needed to manage staff, and can be accessed by staff online. It has turned holiday booking into a breeze and helped me to check payroll before release to the bank.”
Barry Sullman, GP Partner in Newham
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